In this essay I will explore how power and control is showed through language in the book Frankenstein and play The Tempest. Power is the ability to do something or act in a specific way. Control is the authority to influence or change people’s behaviour. I will explore how the language used shows power and […]

A group of boys sat on an old, worn out bench as the prevailing winds blew . The dark patch of grey gloomy clouds swept across the sky and it started to snow. The group of boys decided to stay. In school, they were labelled as the “unteachables”. Teachers believed they would never go far […]

Dear Ms Samantha Taylor, I recently read the article you wrote and how you disagree on the views expressed by the people like Jonathan Franzen and Susan Greenfield. Its not just disheartening but insulting to read the views indicated by the individuals in the article. As a teenager myself I use social media and I […]

Every child has the right to a name. Every child has the right to play, but why are children being abused? Child abuse is any action by another individual, adult or child that causes noteable harm to a child, it does not have to be physical, sexual or emotional. Children should never feel afraid to […]